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Learn how Arthur has helped his clients earn over a combined $1,450,972,000!

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Arthur Joseph, the World’s Foremost Authority on the Power of the Human Voice, has worked for over 5 decades on creating the fastest and most powerful way to help ANYONE, even people with SPEECH IMPEDIMENTS like stuttering or people with a fear of public speaking, to command a room, own a presentation, and increase sales and conversions with just their voice.


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  • 1

    Watch the Visual Voice Pro 3.0 Course Videos

    These videos are going to teach you how to transform your sales videos into selling machines!
    Arthur Samuel Joseph is going to teach you how to supercharge your words in 7 minutes.
    This doesn't just work for sales videos... this works for any spoken presentation, sales phone call, face to face interview, or any encounter where you and your voice need to be heard in order to build trust. Once you learn the secret of building trust, then you can ask for them to take action, and they will!

  • 2

    Put Your VSL or Script Into Visual Voice Pro 3.0

    It's as easy and COPY & PASTE! Just copy and paste your sales script into the Visual Voice Pro 3.0 VSL Tool and apply the Visual Voice Pro annotations to your script. Your script is instantly ready for prime time!

  • 3

    Record Your Sales Video Using the Prompts

    Press record on your video recording software and read your script according to the annotations. The annotations do all the work! Your sales will supercharge as you speak more professionally, powerfully, authentically, and with perfect timing and emphasis. No previous vocal training or sales training is necessary with this tool. Everything is done for you in the course. Just apply the annotations to your script, and you're done! Get ready to launch your business to the next level!!!

Did you know there is a SCIENCE to Speaking?

Did you know that the sound, pace, and resonance of your voice determines whether or not someone will listen to you?

Actors and broadcasters have been using this science to literally FORCE YOUR BRAIN to not be able to turn away from watching them. Now YOU can use it too.

Think about your favorite news program…

Have you ever noticed the broadcasters speak differently than everyone else?

Their voices are powerful, honest, and they command your attention.

You inherently believe everything that they say to you because of the power and integrity they command with their voice.

Or think about a famous coach like Tony Robbins

Why is his VOICE so powerful and inspirational?

How does he get millions of people to take MASSIVE ACTION? (and pay him MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF MONEY?)

This power is a PROVEN SCIENCE, and it can turn an ordinary sales video into an emotionally bonding experience that connects with viewers so strongly they literally CANNOT TURN AWAY.

What If The Man Who Trained Tony Robbins Could Train YOU?

The man who discovered these secret vocal techniques has been teaching them to the top performers, broadcasters, and CEOs in the world for over 50 years.

And they have been making millions of dollars because of it.


His name is Arthur Joseph, and his clients range from the aforementioned Tony Robbins to all of your favorite actors like Sean Connery, Sylvester Stallone, Pierce Brosnan, and Oscar Winners such as Sally Field and Angelina Jolie.

Arthur Samuel Joseph is the man who trained Arnold Schwarzenegger how to speak and even told him that he should keep his accent as an actor.

He is the man who trains the TOP NFL Broadcasters, taking them from athletes on the field and turning them into speaking legends.

Among his notable students in all major sports are 5 Olympic Gold Medalists as well as Hall of Famers, including the NFL’s Emmitt Smith, Michael Irvin, Jerry Rice, Marshall Faulk and 11 other Hall of Famers, the NBA’s Irvin “Magic” Johnson, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, and its great coach, Pat Riley, Major League Baseball´s Joe Gerardi, Manager of the NY Yankees, among a host of current players, retired players, and sports broadcasters.

woman-mystery-300x209There are MANY incredibly famous names that we could include on this list but who have requested to remain anonymous because they don’t want people to know that they have used these techniques to get where they are.

These techniques are THAT POWERFUL.

And if you think businesses should be using these techniques to generate millions in profits from their marketing, then you are right.

That is EXACTLY what they are doing.

A few of his many corporate clients have included Ernst and Young, Business Management Consultants, Deloitte and Touche, Financial Management Consultants, Lexus International, the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, the NFL Network, FOX Network, and ESPN.

The BIGGEST BRANDS in the WORLD are using his techniques RIGHT NOW to get you to watch their videos and buy their products.

Want to join Arthur Joseph and the other YPO members at their conferences next year as the owner of a million dollar enterprise?


Then listen carefully to what I am about to tell you:

It is not enough to make videos and rank them.

It is not enough even to get a video to go VIRAL.

People must buy your product at a HIGH RATE CONSISTENTLY for you to

People will only CLICK THE BUY BUTTON if they TRUST you.

Some of you may be making some money putting up tons of videos, and if you’re happy with that, then that’s great.

But if you want to use video to take your Internet Marketing to the NEXT LEVEL, then you ABSOLUTELY MUST use the techniques I am about to share with you.

Because this is about MUCH MORE than just taking your videos to the next level…

Yes you will get more conversions.

Yes you will make more money.




Every SKILL you learn you can SELL.

Every skill you acquire makes you not only a BETTER MARKETER, but a better business person in ALL AREAS.

When you improve yourself, you also improve your business and your OPPORTUNITIES.

Maybe you will be an Internet Marketer for the rest of your life...

These Vocal Techniques will make you a lot more conversions and A LOT MORE MONEY.

Maybe you will build another kind of business...

These Vocal Techniques will help you in all aspects of building your business and networking relationships.

Maybe you will become a marketing consultant, coach, or teacher...

These Vocal Techniques will be absolutely INVALUABLE in building trust with new customers and being the kind of consultant or coach who gets tons of REFERRALS.

Maybe you will become the CEO or President of an internet or marketing company...

These Vocal Techniques will set you apart from everyone else and make you a much more EFFECTIVE LEADER.


Or maybe your goal in life right now has nothing to do with MONEY. Maybe your most important goal in life right now is just to get married or get a girlfriend.

Communication is BY FAR the most essential thing in building any new RELATIONSHIP.

Imagine if you could walk into ANY ROOM and COMMAND THE ROOM just with the sound of YOUR VOICE.


Would that improve your social life?


Actors can do that.

Broadcasters can do it.

The world’s most powerful CEOs can do it.


And now YOU CAN do it too.

With Visual Voice Pro 3.0!


GO Pro Today!

Digital Course | Works on Mac and PC | 100% Satisfaction Guarantee | No Monthly Fees

The technique is called VISCERAL LANGUAGE and it will change the way you look at speaking FOREVER.

When you speak there is MUCH MORE happening in YOUR VOICE than what you see on the page.

There is tone, resonance, timbre, inhaling, exhaling, aspiration, arc, emphasis and duration to consider for EACH and EVERY WORD.

When a Master Communicator like Tony Robbins speaks, you can PHYSICALLY FEEL that every single word is being said is such a way as to MAXIMIZE HIS EMOTIONAL CONNECTION to the audience with his words.

VISCERAL LANGUAGE is how he does it.

Here is where we pull back the curtain and show you how the most powerful speakers in the world are TRIGGERING YOUR BRAIN to trust them and follow their advice.


It doesn’t matter. This will work for you 100% as it has worked for ALL of Arthur’s students for over 50 years.

In fact, it works EVEN BETTER if you have an accent or speech problem.


lindsey-stirling-391614_640Because the less you can communicate now, the BIGGER AND FASTER your improvements will be.

MANY of Arthur’s clients came from other countries and wanted to learn how to be actors in America speaking English.

He specializes in helping people with unusual speaking patterns to turn it from a weakness, into a strength.

Just look at his client Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arthur trained him and told him that he should keep his accent because it was part of his identity and it made him unique.

33Today, not only is he an actor, but he is one of the most well paid actors in the world, has a real estate empire worth hundreds of millions, and was the Governor of California.

Or look at Motocross champion Jeff Emig. He had a terrible speech impediment that haunted him his entire life, and now he has turned his weakness into a strength and is not only the Star Endorsement for many motocross products, but he is the VOICE of motocross on television!

This training is for EVERYONE, no matter what problems you think you have with your voice. Arthur’s Visceral Language will turn your weaknesses into your strengths.


Watch Arthur Help Motocross Superstar Jeff Emig Overcome his Stuttering Problem And Become One of The Top Broadcasters in Motocross!

How Does It Work?

Imagine you are creating a 3 minute sales video for a new product or an ad for your podcast or webinar…

You have a script in front of you that you have written of between 500-5000 words.

Maybe you don’t even have a real script, or you are just reading from a sales page.

If you do what most people do, you are going to read your script or just make up a half-hearted attempt at explaining a new product, and maybe you will get lucky and someone will click on your link.

But if you do it LIKE THE PROS do it, you will take your script and in 7 minutes, transcribe it into VISCERAL LANGUAGE using our exclusive annotation tools.

Once you’ve gone through the training videos with Arthur, your VISCERAL LANGUAGE annotations will tell you VISUALLY everything you need to know to do with your voice while you are reading your script to TRIGGER THE RIGHT EMOTIONAL RESPONSE from your audience.

Not only will your viewers be UNABLE TO TURN AWAY from your video, but by the end of the video, they will be so EXCITED TO BUY YOUR PRODUCT that they may even invite some of their friends to buy it with them!

THAT is how the PROS do it.

Your video is no longer just an SEO ROLL OF THE DICE.

Your video is an EMOTIONAL TRIGGER that FORCES THEIR BRAIN to LISTEN to what you say.

It causes them to form an EMOTIONAL BOND with you so they not only SUBSCRIBE to your videos, but TELL THEIR FRIENDS to subscribe as well.

And yes, they will BUY from you, EACH AND EVERY TIME!

Let Me Ask You A Question…

Why do you go watch the SAME ACTORS do a hundred action movies that are all basically THE SAME?

Because these actors have triggered an EMOTIONAL BOND with you IN YOUR BRAIN!


Your brain FORCES you to watch EVERY MOVIE they make, even if it is a sequel of a sequel of a sequel!

And BEST OF ALL, you ENJOY it!

You’re not upset about watching the actor OVER AND OVER AGAIN – in fact, YOU LOVE IT!

You feel like you KNOW the actor. You feel like the actor is an OLD FRIEND.

If he showed up unexpectedly at your house for a BBQ he would be welcomed like PART OF THE FAMILY.

It is CRAZY but it WORKS!

You see it EVERY DAY in your own life!

Now it is time for you to have THIS POWER.

Now it is time for you to build your business LIKE THE PROS.

This isn’t about getting A FEW MORE VIDEO VIEWS.

This is about having the ability to BUILD A TRULY MASSIVE LIST AND FOLLOWING.

It can be done.

It is being done right now by people who know these techniques.

If you had just a FRACTION OF THEIR SUCCESS, what would that mean to you?

You Can Have It And More!

Arthur Joseph, the Founder of the Vocal Awareness Institute and the World’s Premier Authority on the Power of the Human Voice, the true Vocal Coach to the Stars, is going to personally train you on how to implement these techniques once reserved only for the top celebrities in the world.

You Are Going to Learn:

The Secrets of Visceral Language:

  • 1


  • 2


  • 3


  • 4


  • 5


  • 6



You are going to learn the EXACT STEP BY STEP techniques to make your video offers IRRESISTIBLE.


You don’t need any special training, any acting or speaking experience, or any prior training whatsoever.

You can have an accent, a speech impediment, or even a terrible fear of public speaking.

It will still work for you! In fact this was DESIGNED FOR YOU.

These are the exact steps that Celebrity Vocal Trainer Arthur Joseph takes each brand new client through.

If you were to pay the actual value of Arthur’s Training, it would amount to over $10,000!

He charges that amount, and GETS IT, every day from actors, broadcasters, and CEOs.

But for this ONE TIME SPECIAL OFFER, you get access to his SECRETS OF VISCERAL LANGUAGE for an unbelievably low price.

Just one hour of Arthur’s time would cost you $1500.

Now you can get HOURS of his training for the price of a discount book or a night at the movies.

And you can start applying these techniques to your videos TODAY!

And start making MORE MONEY, getting MORE FOLLOWERS, and BUILDING YOUR PERSONAL BRAND faster and more effectively than ever before.

Digital Course | Works on Mac and PC | 100% Satisfaction Guarantee | No Monthly Fees

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Bonus #7 - Video Traffic Page Creator

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This is a premium WordPress plugin that allows you create video pages in minutes. At last, with only one click of your mouse and not too much effect, you can create profit inducing video pages just like these…

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Bonus #9 - Video Ad Pro

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This is a video player for WordPress with a gallery that plays videos from YouTube, Vimeo and self-hosted videos (MP4) with an advertising system for each video you create. You can create as many video players as you want and have multiple instances of players on your site. You can have an unlimited number of videos per every created player. Easy to install and to set up.


With Visual Voice Pro there's NO experience necessary.

We give you everything you need to start, even if you're a complete newbie!

Total Value: $67 (Course) + $997 (Bonus) = $1,061

But Today...


One Time Investment - No Monthly Fees

For A Limited Time

Digital Course | Works on Mac and PC | 100% Satisfaction Guarantee | No Monthly Fees

WARNING: Most Internet Marketers are Not Ready for This Level of Training


The sad truth is that the vast majority of internet marketers would rather continue doing what they have been doing again and again, getting the same mediocre results again and again.

Most people are afraid of REAL CHANGE and REAL SUCCESS.

They are afraid of the responsibilities that comes with taking MASSIVE ACTION.

Deep down you may actually believe that you don’t DESERVE TO BE RICH.

You may actually believe that you don’t DESERVE TO BE POPULAR or even FAMOUS.

So you keep trying to find ways to make money in quick ways.

But that money doesn’t LAST!

It is not a CAREER.

You are not building a self-sustaining BUSINESS.

You are not building a BRAND.

You are not building an EMPIRE.

You’re just going through the motions following what other people do instead of DOING WHAT YOU WERE MEANT TO BE DOING!

The truth is, every one of us has inside of us a DREAM.


That person terrifies us, because we know we aren’t currently doing everything we should be doing to FULLY BECOME that person.

Vocal Awareness takes you on the journey of finding your TRUE VOICE.

This is the voice of that person you know YOU can become.

This is the voice of your deepest inner strength, power. and capabilities.

This is the voice that will make ANYTHING POSSIBLE for you.

Because it is your best Voice.

It is who you MUST become.

For One Time Only You Can Get Visual Voice Pro 3.0 Unlimited Access for...

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Digital Course | Works on Mac and PC | 100% Satisfaction Guarantee | No Monthly Fees

You’re Fully Protected By Our
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If within 10 minutes of using tool, you aren’t floored by how easy it is to discover your authentic voice and improve it dramatically, we insist you contact our rapid response team for an instant, no-questions asked, FULL refund.

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