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Imagine this: Access to unlimited hungry clients that need your help, right nowThey are willing to pay between $500 to $2000 per month (month after month) for services that you can easily outsource and keep 90% profits.

Your only job? Get More Clients. How long does that take? About 30 minutes of push button work you can do whenever you like.
Oh, and NO COLD CALLING! None.

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We will share with you a powerful 3 Step System that we use to find and close hundreds of small business owners for $500-$2500 each, per month. With this system and software you can easily replicate our success, even if you have NO EXPERIENCE.

Imagine no longer worrying about income, needing a job or wondering if you can take a day off or not. With this system, you’ll have access to unlimited hungry clients that desperately need your help and most of them are right in your back yard.

They are starving for the services you can provide and the beauty is you don’t have to do any of the work yourself if you don’t want to.  

If you’d like, invest just 10% of what you make to smart virtual assistants that can easily handle the tasks so you keep 90% of what you earn as profit.

Did I mention you don’t need to cold call (At all!)?

People Who Already Tried Xleads 360 PRO Have Some Words For You… 
Dean Hull Video Testimonial:
Once again, Han Fan has come up with a great piece of software. We know our lifeblood is traffic and leads and Xleads Pro will get you that and more.
Once the traffic starts coming in, the next most important factor is tracking it to see where it is coming from, and how to optimize your targeting. Xleads Pro does all that for you.
The training is easy to follow. Setting up campaigns and organization is very important but with this software, it does most of the work for you. You are able to get all the information that is pertinent
so you don’t waste time on leads that are not optimal.
Another attribute is the ability to generate an SEO report on the possible client’s website which will give you selling points to convince the client they could use your services, a great foot in the door.
Morris Murph

I never liked dealing too much with local businesses/offline work ’cause I hate cold calling or even going door to door. HOWEVER, this new product makes it SO easy to follow the training laid out, that you’ll enjoy making massive ‘RECURRING’ Income via this route again. I am seriously thinking to take on some local clients from untapped niches, as with THIS they WILL convert. You should definitely try Xleads 360 Pro today. Cham Altatis

Just when I thought I had seen some of the best lead generation softwares out there, along comes Xleads360 Pro. It’s not just the ability to locate quality leads wherever you choose to compete, it allows you to compare the generated sites to your competition. You can then create campaigns and create reports and obtain reviews and generate SEO reports as well as track and analyze. The extensive marketing tools and training will put you ahead of the competition and the ability to give your customers exactly they need as well. This blows everything else out of the water. The ability to analyze your prospects website and compare it to your competitors, gives you the ability to stand out from the rest. This software was completely thought through from beginning to end and place you where every internet marketer wants to be… At The Top. If your are looking for a lead generation software to put you years ahead of the competition then look no further. I have used and reviewed a lot of software that has progressively gotten better but I know without a second thought, Xlead360 Pro is the pinnacle of a complete software that meets its true intent!
John Rambo
This software is awesome!
John Rambo

Hey Guys (and Gals),
I wanted to drop you all a quick note to say thanks allowing me an early peek at XLeads 360 Pro before the launch. To say I was blown away is an understatement (and why I asked to buy early)! I’ve been looking for something like this to use in my own local business for some time now and this is perfect, not to mention “all inclusive…” Pulling business leads from Facebook, then contacting them directly from right inside the dashboard is more than a local marketer could hope for and a real game changer. Great opportunity!
Of course I’ll be here waiting to buy when the doors open – being able to gain access to all the great tools in the upsell is, well… awesome and PRICELESS!
Best of launch – it should certainly be a good one for anyone wanting to tap Facebook for direct access to businesses.
"Wacky Gal" Kathe Lucas

Our Customers Already MAKE MONEY With Xleads360 PRO

Dasboard Module #1

You can see the total number of leads and campaigns so you don’t have to always search again. Everything is saved inside the software so you can always re-access your stored campaigns. 

You will also see stats on the emails you sent and how many people actually open your emails to see how effective your campaigns are.

Search Leads Module #2

This is the place where you can search for local businesses around the world(even your own backyard). It works in every city and country and you can search for any niche: restaurants, tattoo artists, barbershops and hundreds more. 

You can also choose to search for online businesses that don’t have a physical address. We’ll show you a secret strategy and niches no one targets.

Advanced SEO Report  Module #3
We also integrated an SEO Report modules that makes it EVEN EASIER to get clients because for every lead you find, you can quickly generate a SEO audit report to show the client what they’re lacking and how they can have that easily fixed by using you.
Send Email Templates Module #4

You have the ability to prospect for clients via email. This makes prospecting fast, easy and efficient because 80% of these small businesses use email on a regular day to day basis. That means no cold calling, no wasting time, effort and energy on other forms of marketing that require you spend money on ads.
We have more categories and email templates that are optimized by us and proven to work. You can use any swipe!

Campaigns Module #5

You’ll have access to easy prospect management tools to help you turn leads into clients. You can add as many campaigns as you’d like, and manage them all, easily.

Prospect management to quickly and easily manage your progress. Less time wasted and more time making money.

Demo Video To See The Magic Happen!


Works on Mac and PC | 100% Satisfaction Guarantee | No Monthly Fees
Do You Want To Scale This Business As Quickly As Possible?
This Is Your Unique Opportunity To Make These Business Owners Put You ON SPEED DIAL When It Comes To Online Services
Generate SEO PDF Report 

With the PRO version of Xleads 360 Pro you can now generate a complex PDF Report with more than 23 pages.  

You can send an email with their website PDF Report so they can see exactly what are their problems and how you can help them by providing internet marketing services.

Mass Mailing To Multiple Leads

This will save you hours, or even days! 

Now you can send Mass Emails to multiple leads. This means that you don’t have to send separate emails for each prospect.

You can now simply select as many prospects as you want and send more emails at the same time. 

 Exclusive & Must Have SEO Tools

You will get instant access to must-have SEO Tools that can help you to get important stats that can help you to close a deal  much faster. More than 50+ Tools!

Every tool is done for you, with the video training you need.

Google Reviews – Reputation Management

Many Online Businesses have problems when it comes to their reputation. Clients always find reasons to drop negative reviews and testimonials. 

Also, many businesses don’t have a Google Page to promote their business, so why not make one for big bucks?

Exclusive Feature Gives You The Possibility To Send Messages Directly To Their Facebook Page, In An Automated Way

We have a special feature that can’t be found anywhere else. You will now be able to send Facebook Message directly from Xleads360 PRO without having to manually search for their Facebook Page.

This solves a big headache, because nobody likes to open dozens of browser tabs to search for each Page on Facebook and send separate messages.
Now you can do it with 1 Click Only!

Proven-To-Work Facebook Message Swipes Are Included

You will get 2 Messages For 10 Different Niches (Social Media, SEO Optimization, Website Creation, Logo Creation, Video Creation).

This helps you to target the exact problem that your future prospects have. No need to waste hours to create messages!

Just Imagine How Easy It Will Be To Sign Even More Clients, When You’re One Of The Few That Have HAVE Access To These New PRO Features

But This Is Only The Tip Of The Ice-Berg!
With The PRO Version You’ll Be Able To…

Compare Your Prospects Website vs. Their Competitors To Find The Weak Points And What Should Be Improved

If you decide to take advantage of this one time only offer and upgrade (that’s only available to you here and now), you’ll get more features that will boost your client closing rate and bring you more money.

With the PRO version you can also analyse your prospect website and compare it to other competitors so you know what are their strong points, weak points and what should be changed or improved.

You’ll Get Instant Access To More Than 50+ SEO Tools 
You will get instant access to must-have SEO Tools that can help you to get important stats that can help you to close a deal  much faster. 
Upgrade To Xleads 360 PRO

The One And Only Tool That You Need To
Boost Client Closing Rate By 300%


Works for Mac and PC | 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
The Work You’ll Provide, Is All Outsourced
The cost? About 10% of your sale. That’s right, you simply get in touch, make the sale then outsource the work and still keep 90% of the profit.

Basically, You Can Outsource Anything They Need!

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Works for Mac and PC | 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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